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Site Policy

The Official Website of the Local Government of Takashima City (hereinafter referred to as "the Site"), which aims to promote the administrative refinement, will strive for exchanging plain useful information and delivering efficient services. 

1. About Contents
1) Usability
We make efforts to realize a useful site from general viewpoints, such as its easy-to-understand structure and usability, in addition to making it possible to search necessary information without any difficulties.
To achieve the goal, we will systematically categorize the wide-ranging administrative information from users viewpoint, place a search engine, and take other appropriate measures.
2) Equal Accessibility
We will update the Site considering everyone's convenience so that many people can equally utilize the Site.
We will be careful that each user's PC environment or personal character do not influence his/her usability and no misunderstanding is caused because of the difference among individuals.

2. Site management
1) Direct management by sections in charge
We will realize high-content information services practicing smooth communication.  To achieve the goal, each section will not only directly release information on affairs in charge, but also swiftly handle inquiries by means of e-mail and telephone.  
2) Prompt renewal
Each section is accessible to our website management system in order to deliver opportune and detailed information.

3. Copyright
Copyright of all the pages in the Site belongs to the Local Government of Takashima City (hereinafter referred to as "the City") unless specially mentioned.  All information on the Site cannot be copied, transferred, and sold for secondhand use without prior permission from the City.
Proper names of companies, products, and others used on the Site are trademarks and registered trademarks of relevant companies.

4. PDF (Portable Document Format)
Contents provided as PDF can be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.  (Adobe Acrobat Reader is a trademark of Adobe Systems Incorporated.)

5. Prohibition matter 
The following acts are prohibited upon using the Site.
- Act that causes or that is likely to cause the City and the third parties disadvantages and damages.
- Act that is against or that is likely to be against public order and standards of decency.
- Act that is connected with or that is likely to be connected with criminal acts.
- Act that is against or that is likely to be against law.
- Act of false declaration and notification.
- Act that defames or that is likely to defame the honor and trust toward the third parties and the City.
- Act that invades privacy and property of the third parties, and that abuses or defames the third parties.
- Act that infects or that is likely to infect the Site with hazardous programs such as computer virus.
- Other acts that the City judges to be unsuitable.

How to Use

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Opinions and inquiries sent to us will be used for the improvement in our administration and website services.  If you would like us to respond to your e-mail, please give us your contact details; your name, postal address, telephone number, and e-mail address.
In case there is no contact detail mentioned in your mail, we will refrain from getting back to you.
If necessary, our official in charge might ask you for details of your inquiry.

For inquiries:
Secretarial/ Public Relations Division
Planning Department
Tel: +81-(0)740-25-8130
Fax: +81-(0)740-25-8101

Privacy Policy
The City respects user's privacy upon browsing so that everyone can use the Site safely.
We will properly handle information from users, especially the one from which we can specify individuals.

1. Acquisition of personal information
You can visit the Site without revealing your personal information that can specify individuals.
We analyze the operation record stored on the server and study the general trend of site usage for the purpose of improving site management.  This analysis is never intended to pay special attention to a particular user.

2. Use of personal information
We will refer to your opinions and inquiries to achieve the better administration and online service through the Site.  Your name, address, and other details are only used for response and identification.  We never use the information beyond the purpose. 

3. Protection of personal information
Personal information given from users will not be utilized beyond the scope of the administrative affairs.
We do not share personal information unless having the consent from the information provider or being requested by law.
Once the personal information is no more necessary, we will delete it without delay.

4. Security
We will make efforts to maintain site security, and take appropriate measures physically and electronically to prevent unauthorized access and personal information leakage.

Escape Clause

Contents in the Site may be changed or deleted without prior notice in order to retain the accuracy of information dealt in the Site.
We will take the surest measures to insert correct information in the Site.  The City is not liable for all acts taken by the users making use of the information in the Site.
The City does not take any responsibility for damage and loss caused by your access to the Site.

1. Links to the Site
You can link to the Site freely in principle.
However, we will refuse the linkage if contents or technical method of targeted websites are judged to "be against public order and standards of decency" or "damage or defame the third parties or the City."
As a general rule, you are requested to set the link to the top page of the Site. 

2. Links from the Site
Websites to which we link are limited to the following in principle.
- Relative organizations of the City and its investing organizations.
- Local portal sites authorized by the City.
- The government of Japan and its relative organizations.
- Local governments in Japan and its relative organizations.
- Universities, colleges, research institutions, public-service corporations, and other organizations that the Site manager recognizes to be necessary in particular for its character and structure.

3. Links to third party sites
Links from the Site to the third party sites are contained for users' expedience.  We do not guarantee the contents accuracy, privacy policy, and usability of the targeted websites.


お問合せ先:For inquiries: Secretarial/ Public Relations Division, Planning Department
TEL :+81-(0)740-25-8130



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