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The declaration proposal was discussed by Takashima City Drafting Committee on the Peace City Declaration and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons, which was composed of nine citizen members.

The city assembly approved the proposal at its regular meeting this past March, and ethe World Peace City Declarationf came into effect as the mayor signed it publicly on March 30, 2006.

Just think about ewhat we can do nowf as it appeared in the text of the declaration and take some action for peace, and letfs create a peaceful Earth without nuclear weapons for the children of the world.

Declaration for Permanent Peace and the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and the gmotherly lakeh, our city, Takashima, has depth of nature filled with water and green, and the Mother Earth we have been protecting gives us many benefits.

It is the common desire of mankind to share pleasure, help each other, and express gratitude for daily life.

However, there are still nuclear weapons on the Earth. Their presence threatens us with the reality that every single life can be lost in an instant.

What we can do now\we can consider these fearful nuclear weapons and also the preciousness of world peace, so as to not repeat the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

What we can do now\we can live in a peaceful way in todayfs society. Now is the time for children and parents to talk about the importance of life, and do what they can do to help make such words a reality.

And what we can do now\for plenty of families that live in ethe housef called the earth, we can try to expand everyonefs personal thoughts and actions into large movements.

Japan, as the only country to have suffered nuclear attacks, must abide by the Three Non-Nuclear Principles of not making, possessing or bringing in nuclear weapons, and we must communicate the realization of permanent peace to the people of the world.

Here in the City of Takashima, there are many children who pray for world peace and have been working at peaceful activities such as abolishing landmines.

Our children are the treasure of our home and we are proud of them. For the future of the children in the city and in the world, the City of Takashima hereby declares itself a city devoted to the abolition of nuclear weapons and permanent peace.

By the City of Takashima, Japan
30 March, 2006

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